An idyllic Greek island Symi might be the last place you’d expect a horror film The Judas Curse to be set

Symi chosen to host horror film

The Judas Curse will be directed by Navin Dev and will be shot in October

Symi chosen to host horror film

An idyllic Greek island Symi might be the last place you’d expect a horror film to be set, but Symi has taken on the role. Indie horror film The Judas Curse will begin filming on the island in October, and was inspired by, and specially written for, the mysterious ruins in the ancient hilltop village of Horio.
It will be directed by up-and-coming horror director Navin Dev, famous for Red Kingdom Rising (2013). The Judas Curse will be styled on the original nail-biting thrillers of the ’70s, including The Exorcist and The Omen, and will include a supernatural theme throughout.
For the filmmakers, the movie is a strong investment in the quiet island that has felt the hardships of the Greek economic crisis.
“Greece is going through a very difficult time at the moment and I wanted to do something to help,” says screenwriter James Collins.
“We can’t change the world, but by bringing a series of film projects to Symi we can help boost tourism and give local young people the chance to learn some skills that might lead to a career in the film industry.”
A recent survey in the UK showed that 19 per cent of British people are influenced by films and television programs when choosing a holiday destination. A further 20 per cent said they were likely to choose a holiday in the future based on films and shows they have watched.
Symi’s mayor and the community are very supportive of the project and hope to see a tourism boost from the movie’s release.
The plot centres around a son visiting the island to tie up his family’s belongings. When his father dies investigating an ancient myth, he leaves behind a mystery that only his son will be able to unlock. When a 2000 year old curse is unleashed, bodies start piling up, turning a soul searching trip into a nightmare.
The film is being financed by a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter which will run throughout August. Among the rewards on offer is an executive producer credit, which includes the donor and one other being flown out to the island location, spending five nights in a luxury hotel.
To contribute, visit…
If enough funds are raised, the film will be released next year.

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