Out of the Blue – “Lyra antics and Baglama” on Friday, 22 March 2013


After their amazing “Journey” concert, “Out of the Blue” are back with a concert that will make you feel Greek to the core! Friday, 22 March 2013 Panayiotis Kalandranis, Georgette Giatis and their talented musicians will take you on a soulful trip with their “Lyra antics and Baglama” (Της Λύρας τα Καμώματα, του Μπαγλαμά τα Ντέρτια).

Once more they will entertain you with Rembetika, folk and contemporary folk, and plenty of new material, this time accompanied by the sounds of medieval lute and Cretan lyra.
Musical direction : Nikos Sousamidis

Playing in the band are our regular fabulous musos, Petros Apostolidis and Themistoklis Ioakimidis on Bouzouki, Dimitri Vouros on Flute, Sax and Clarinet, Stan Stamatis Valacos on Double Bass, Peter Milonakis on Percussion, The Dimitri Fox on Drums, On Guitar, Baglama, Laouto Peter Kalandranis, On Vocals John Tzavaras, Georgette Giatis and Nikos Sousamidis (also playing his guitar including electric)

Special guests: the “Cretan Federation of NSW” dancers, Angelos Goutzios (laouto) and Antonis Petrantonakis (lyra and vocals)

The concert promises to give you a real taste of Crete and all of Greece

Buy your tickets on 0408 280 716 or outofthebluemusic@live.com.au.
Tickets can be mailed and payment can be made into account, email us for this option.

Venue: Fix Live, 588 Princess Highway, Rockdale. Price: $40.00 with meze

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