Hilarious new comedy by the troupe Parikia to hit the stage, To Kelepori

To Kelepouri

To Kelepouri

To Kelepori, a hilarious character-based situation comedy promises lots of laughter and fun.

It is that time of year again when the modern Greek theatre troupe Parikia is preparing intensively for the presentation of their new theatrical work.
The most recent appearance of the troupe was in a performance about Tsitsanis, organised by the Association of Thessalonians. Lefkos Pyrgos played last November at the Melbourne Town Hall, with great success.
Over the last six years, the troupe Parikia, in collaboration with the famous theatrical duo, Thanasis Papathanasiou and Michalis Reppas, have staged their works, enjoying a great success both in Greece and Australia.
The new project that the troupe will present at the end of February, has been named To Kelepouri (The Windfall). The author of the play is young and talented writer and actor, George Eliopoulos, author of numerous theatrical works: Desperados, Bedtime Stories, 4 ever, The Black Box, The Secrets of my Failure, Second Chance and others.
To Kelepouri is his last work, performed in Athens with great success in 2011-2012. It is a hilarious character-based situation comedy, about George and Bemba. George is a desperate young man who has borrowed money and the lenders are threatening. He must return the money urgently. Bemba is a very rich, bride-to-be, that must get married before she is 25. Otherwise, she will lose her inheritance.
The matchmaking is done, but things are not as George expected. The bride is an obese girl with sinister manners. Too late for George to run away. They stay together and we have an amazing story.
The comedy uniquely speaks about the dire current situation in our homeland Greece, and asks: Where can you go for little money? Where can you go for a little love? How far will one desperate father go in order to marry off his child?
With the magical weapon of comedy – the laughs are abundant in this theatrical work – the show promises an unforgettable theatrical experience.
To Kelepouri is a show for the desperate, for those in love, for family and friends, but above all for people who want to laugh from their soul.
Stella Michail, multitalented actress from Greece, is starring in the role of Bemba. Stella was invited by the troupe Parikia just for the purpose of this role.
Greek Australians had the opportunity to see Stella last May, when she toured Melbourne with a series of shows as part of the Antipodes Festival.
Beside her, Thanassis Makrigiorgos, director of the play, is also starring in the role of George.
Co-starring are Stavros Arberoris, Vaso Farais, Melina Menelaus, Nick Deves, Nick Kalianis and John Kostarakis.
Modern Greek Theatre and Thiasos Parikia is an organisation dedicated to producing high quality Greek theatre that is current and full of many laughs.
Performances of To Kelepouri begin on Saturday 23 February, in the known haunt of the troupe Parikia, the small theatre of the Kew High School.


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