Athens of the world

54 cities worldwide was embraced the name Athens. It’s worth to be noted that no other city in the world has given its name to so many.

However, noteworthy is the fact that no institutionalized relationship or link has developed between these cities today.

The World of Athens has undertaken the networking of all these towns, bearing the name “Athens”, the “Athens of the World.”

The aim is to bring those cities closer together and to know their story.

The Athens …

Athens, Attiki, Greece

Athens Alabama, USA

Athens Arkansas, USA

Athens California, USA

Athens Ohio, USA

Athens Georgia, USA

Athens Illinois, USA

Athens Indiana, USA

Athens Kansas, USA

Athens Lexington Kentucky, USA

Athens Louisiana, USA

Athens Somerset Maine, USA

Athens Calhoun Michigan, USA

Athens Mississippi, USA

Athens Missouri, USA

Athens New York, USA

Athens Ohio, USA

Athens Pennsylvania, USA

Athens Tennessee, USA

Athens Texas, USA

Athens Vermont, USA

Athens West Virginia, USA

Athens Wisconsin, USA

Athens Ontario, Canada

Athenstedt, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Athens of Ayrshire – Troon, Scotland

Athens of Cuba – Matanzas, Cuba

Athens of Egypt-Alexandria, Egypt

Athens of Finland – Jyväskylä, Finland

Athens of Florida – DeLand, Florida, USA

Athens of Indiana – Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA

Athens of Latin America – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Athens of Minas Gerais – Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Athens of North America – Boston, USA

Athens of Sicily – Catania, Italy

Athens of South America – Bogotá, Colombia

Athens of the Bodrog – Sárospatak, Hungary

Athens of the East – Madurai, India

Athens of the Middle Ages – Florence, Italy

Athens of the North – Edinburgh, Scotland

Athens of the South – Nashville, USA

Athens of the Southern Hemisphere – Dunedin, New Zealand

Athens of the West (early 19th c.) – Lexington, U.S.

Athens of the West – Berkeley, California, USA

Athens on the Isar – Munich, Germany

Athens on the Spree – Berlin, Germany

Athens on the Torysa – Prešov, Slovakia

Brazilian Athens – São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil

Czech Athens – Krnov, Czech Republic

Lusa Athens – Coimbra, Portugal

Sardinian Athens – Nuoro, Italy

Serbian Athens – Novi Sad, Serbia

Siberian Athens – Tomsk, Russia

Athens of the South – Tampa, Florida, USA


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