World’s biggest gold coin goes on tour


IT is the biggest, heaviest – and with a legal tender value of $1 million dollars – the most valuable gold bullion coin in the world.

But, crafted by the Perth Mint, the Guinness World Record holding piece tips the scales at one tonne of 99.99 per cent pure gold – making it worth more than $50 million.

And now the Australian piece is going on a European tour.

The coin measures 80cm in diameter and is more than 12cm deep.

Featuring a design created by Stuart Devlin, goldsmith and jeweller to the Queen, the coin depicts a red kangaroo surrounded by rays of sunlight.

The coin will travel to Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne and Berlin to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin program.

Perth Mint chief executive Ed Harbuz said Europe was chosen because it was the mint’s top investment market.

To mark the tour, Perth Mint has also released a limited edition 2014 Australian kangaroo 1oz gold bullion tribute coin.

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