Bendigo Art Gallery to host exhibition on ancient Greece

Source: ABC

Victorian community cabinet at Bendigo August 26, 2013

The State Government has announced the Bendigo Art Gallery will host another major international exhibition.

The state cabinet is meeting in Bendigo today and tomorrow and is making a series of local announcements.

There will also be a community cabinet forum this evening.

The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece exhibition will be the third major show at the gallery.

Last year the gallery hosted the popular Grace Kelly exhibition and before that hosted an exhibition on 200 years of wedding dress fashion.

The new exhibition show features pieces from the British Museum’s Greek and Roman collections and will be staged in the second half of 2014.

It will include 100 works, including the renowned Discobolus, a marble statue of a discus thrower, from the second century AD.

The Government says the Grace Kelly exhibition generated more than $16 million for the local economy and next year’s exhibition is expected to generate similar crowd numbers.

The Government is also hosting an event at the Bendigo Hospital, and will launch a new IT sharepoint factory with tech giant Microsoft at La Trobe University’s Bendigo campus.

The venture is expected to create 55 jobs over the next six years, and will have a focus on software development, including providing a resource for local industries.

The Government says the project will also help attract IT students to the university.

Similar projects are to be rolled out in other regional universities such as Deakin in Geelong.

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